About Stephan Thieringer

Stephan is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded over the last decade various successful learning technology companies and had several successful exits and transacted multiple M&As.

In 2013 he was a Mentor to the class of venture fellows of the New York Economic development corporation. For accomplishments around rural education access in South East Asia, he was honored with the 2012 World Education Award for “Visionary Leadership in Impacting Economic Development”.

Stephan co-authored as a member of IEEE SC36’ workgroup the global Interoperability standards for online learning content and systems. Stephan is a founding Executive Committee Member of the Open Educational Resources in Cancer consortium (OERC), an ELES Africa Ambassador, he serves on various local boards and is an editorial board member of the SSRE published international journal of science and research, India.

Stephan has been featured in business and education publications such as EduTech, Business Week, the Financial Express, the Hindu Times, India Times, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Boston Business Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and various other Publications. He enjoys volunteering his time with high impact, non-profit organizations focused on children’s education.


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