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Off to the next chapter.  As some of you know I have left my last venture and have turned to the side which I do best and enjoy most – people.  When for many years you have been the go to guy for people getting into business and entrepreneurship, you start realizing the urgency and the very contemporary need people have not only for good advice, support and help, but also that most of the things they come to ask you for, they already know the answers to.  Simply put – they are all very capable and brilliant and knowledgeable, but they forget that, they have been told differently and that has conditioned them not to pay attention to that.  They don’t see it, they don’t see themselves.  So the push for radical self awareness is nothing else but helping you to become more aware, see your own brilliance and as a friend of mine calls it, genius and embracing that to the ultimate of declaring your values and what you stand for to the world.  Finding that piece is what this is all about.

Living your professional and personal life in a manner that feels compromised and weak is not healthy nor fun.  And more people realize just that.  As you stop by here if you’re not already one of the many who is realizing that, maybe now you can truly start to realize it and learn a little from me and with me what it may take to do just that.

Welcome to the journey and finding yourself’s truly!

A bientôt,



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