Rerouting to Stuttgart

26 12 2012

Always amazing how quickly we can travel time and bridge the ocean. I still sometimes wonder when we will finally get that really right, Scotty beam me up….

On my way to see my father and celebrate the old man’s 85th birthday. And what a life he has had. Looking forward to seeing old and new friends of his, lifelong relationships and family who stood close thru the very good and the very bad. I guess one thing you learn when you’re 85, is who you can really count on. Or you at least hope you have learned that by now. Or is it sometimes still politics after so many years even……you can never eliminate the politician from the politician. Never!

I asked my father now that he turned 85 years old, what it is he sees on his side of the pond and what and where he has arrived that he was chasing all his life and if that goal, that success, what ever that defines, is satisfaction!? There was silence and he didn’t answer. I think for the first time in a very long time, I caught my father thinking deeply without talking…..amazing what you can learn from the older generation and if it is only to live as Alan Watts describes…LIFE AND MUSIC as I posted it recently to my Facebook and it has made since then for many good conversations!……

Wondering and wandering off to the plane to the flight to Stuttgart……until soon!