Where in the World…

Over the many years of working on many continents and the privilege to meet so many fascinating people along the way from many different cultures I would like to share some of my experiences in the most grateful even though critical manner here.  When you like me live in a different country for many years and assimilate in all kinds of ways but hold on to your own values the significance and impact foreign travel creates is one of curiosity, sometimes uncertainty, even anxiety, excitement and thankfulness.   The most important part in all my travels for me has been though to acknowledge that regardless of the hotel I stayed in, the airline I fly, what class of cabin I fly and what type and nation of people I have the privilege of meeting:  All impressions as short-lived as they may be in terms of time, are engrained by the interaction with an individual and the way you come to interact with them.  Little gestures, the curious stare of a person at you when you are the only foreigner and the ability to break that silence with a smile.   I keep telling that story often to others how easy it is to change the dynamics of a meeting, a greeting, a stare with a simple smile…..so remeber that as you meet other people, even across town, a smile, a friendly gesture and a word of acknowledgement makes such a difference.  So all of you travel on, be safe wherever you may be, and do appreciate and embrace the diversity the world has to offer!


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