Mumbai and Delhi USIBC Executive Presidential Mission November 2010

Leaving India…For Now

Again it is early in the morning and as usual I am on the 6.55am British Airways flight back to the US via London.  And there it is again this strange emotion I did not understand when I first read the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, a book a good friend of mine had suggested a few years back prior to my first visit to India.  In one part of the book the author is writing about the smells and the emotional attachment you form with India.  Today I understand.  When I arrive in India nowadays and the cabin doors open and the aromas hit me, it is like being back where I feel comfortable and at sudden ease and now leaving, that already known sadness sets in – leaving something very dear behind…..there is a reason why it is to many, and especially it’s people, “Beautiful India.”

Thank you India again for a good and safe trip, the hospitality and care was as always tremendous. The weather is foggy and our flight is rolling out on the tarmac and is about to take off.  I am tired as we had with the presidential mission here in India a full week with many things still to be absorbed and sorted out. The sadness stays, the knowing of coming back soon is reassuring and pleasant. Flight 256 taking off now!


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